You Deserve A Vacation

tastedaily-header-13mar29"The largest boost in happiness comes from the simple act of planning a vacation," according to the Applied Research in Quality of Life Study conducted in the Netherlands. They found that "vacation anticipation" boosted happiness for 8 weeks.Let's just be honest, you deserve a vacation.A special escape complete with white sand beaches, crystal blue waters, doting attendants, fresh pressed juices, and all the ocean-side massages you can handle.You work hard and you spend a lot of time in the learning zone - constantly challenging yourself. But rewards are important to keep you motivated.Whether you plan a 10 day trip abroad or a 2 day staycation, it's important to have something to look forward to and a quick getaway can do the trick.So book a flight or take a drive. Just start planning your escape. Dreaming about palm trees is fun, but seeing them sway in the ocean breeze is way better.XONDPS: While the internet is still trying to recover from the news of Ryan Gosling's hiatus from acting, his new movie The Place Beyond The Pines comes out today. Also, Bradley Cooper co-stars. 

Thank YOU For Being Awesome

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