Break out of your comfort zone & build strength with this pose #yoga

build-strengthTWEET THISWhy is the unknown - and trying something new - so terrifying?For instance, going upside down in a headstand for the first time...If we allow ourselves the time and space to practice, we can eventually kick our legs up off the ground. On and off the mat.If you’ve never tried a headstand before, and you’re game to move out of your comfort zone - test out the rabbit pose.It’s similar to the image above (except you can keep your feet and knees on the ground!). Follow the directions hereAlways check with your doctor before trying new exercises. Just a few benefits of Rabbit Pose:• Strengthens and tones thigh muscles• Improves digestive powers and eases digestive problems such as indigestion and acidity• Helps in easing stress, anxiety, mild depression, and insomnia• Improves blood supply to the head and boosts your energy levels XOOh, by the way

PS: If you need another reason to move today, here’s an awesome Buzzfeed listicle (full of GIFS): The 23 Things That Inevitably Happen When You Get In Shape — Read here.

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