Workout Review: Can Tracy Anderson's 30-Day Method Redesign Your Body?

Ok, so I’m doing it.I’m diving in.This all started about 3 years ago. I was out to dinner with a well known celeb’s manager (her hips don’t lie), and he had just booked her some training time with this hot hollywood trainer. She was all rage and only worked exclusively with certain clients. Obviously I was intrigued.It was Tracy Anderson.And I would hear about her more and more over the next several years. She set-up an NYC studio eventually, but by then I was back into running.I still love running, but lately I’ve felt my overall routine get stale. I’ve finally gotten back into a close-to-college level of fitness, but I feel myself starting to plateau and when that happens--it’s time to shake things up!When I started considering a new workout, I thought about how much I missed dancing. I grew up (from the age of 3) in dance class. Ballet, tap, and jazz. I love it. I still do a little pirouette once in awhile when I think no one is looking (or for my boyfriend’s benefit!).So when I was in the bookstore recently, and I saw the Tracy Anderson 30-Day Method the timing was just right. I’m generally familiar with her style--grueling yet effective muscular training on small “accessory” muscles and an emphasis on cardio dance-aerobics.Dance TrainingI’m both nervous and excited for the dance portion.NutritionTracy’s book includes a full meal plan--which I think it awesome--but I know I’ll need to manage the nutrition portion myself. I’m not fully vegetarian, but I mostly eat seafood if I eat meat at all (and the tofu substitutions don’t appeal to me).So it’s tricky to find any pre-planned meal plan that I would be able to follow by the book, but I'll customize my own version.Also, I’m a busy woman without a personal chef (as of right now) and it’s rare that I’m able to cook that much on a weeknight. It’s just not realistic. I love cooking and do so frequently, but I have to balance my pockets of free time and I’m going to invest more of it in the lengthy workout programs she suggests versus trying to create each meal from scratch.There are a few brands I trust, so I’m going to work those into the mix for my dinner and juicing fix. More to come on that!Muscular TrainingI know Tracy’s Method will be like the marines of fitness programs, but I also think it will shock me out of my plateau (and boredom) just in time for bikini season.So, can Tracy's Method really redesign your body? I've read the hype and the snark and I'm tossing both aside to find out for myself.Wish me luck and watch out for the splash :-)Lead image source: woman exercising

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