The 6 Women We Wanted To See Replace Letterman on The Late Show #LateShowLadies

late-show-womenDear CBS, was it really a hoop dream to think one of these ladies could host the Late Show? Best wishes, of course, to the new man behind the desk, but with all the female talent out there.... this was a missed opportunity. #LateShowLadiesIn considering our top 6 women to replace Dave Letterman on The Late Show, we prioritized actors who are funny, quick-witted, and personable, but also someone you'd genuinely enjoy seeing every night. Someone with great voice. (Preview video clips of all the women below).1. WANDA SYKESWith an impressive movie and TV career in comedy, Wanda would make an incredible Late Show replacement. She can make you laugh with one look. This standup veteran even had a stint with her own late night talk show. She’s primed and ready.2. JANEANE GAROFALO Our favorite 90s underdog, Janeane has impeccable wit and comedic timing. Also, she’s already guest-hosted for Dave when he was away. She killed it during the monologue and her celebrity interviews are on-point.3. AMY SCHUMERAmy nailed it in her recent appearance on Letterman, and her new show - while more risqué than typical Late Show fare - showcases her comedic genius. Amy’s storytelling, timing, and responses are so funny even Letterman couldn't stop laughing.4. CHRISTINA APPLEGATEFrom her longtime role as Kelly Bundy, to the poised Veronica Corningstone in Anchorman, you know Christina is funny, but did you know she can dance and sing? If CBS wants to compete with the Jimmy Fallon-style variety show, this talented comedian, dancer, and singer should be considered.5. AISHA TYLER Aisha has the talk show chops. As co-host of The TalkTalk Soup, and host of Whose Line is it Anyway?, she's sharp while still being warm with guests. You’ll also remember this funny lady as Charlie (Ross's girlfriend) on Friends. Many say this is a natural next step for the talented actress, but others fear losing their favorite Archer character.6. JANE LYNCH  Jane Lynch’s Glee character steals scenes on the regular, as tracksuit enthusiast and evil head coach of the Cheerios, Sue Sylvester. Could you just imagine a Sue-style celebrity interview? When she's not hatching wicked plans, you can find this Emmy award winner hosting Hollywood Game Night, so she knows the drill.It’s time to bring one of these comedic queens to The Late Show boys club.XOOh, by the way

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