What you don't want to see in your Google search (@TASTEdaily) #RewriteTheSearch

Women Will...

United Nations Women just launched an eye-opening campaign.The equality campaign features Google search autocompletes (suggested search terms).Shocking popular searches expose the extreme gap in gender equality.One of the United Nations Women campaign images:Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 9.39.17 PMIt's important to be awake to reality. It's also important to assert your own voice.Inspired by the campaign, we're rewriting the search. #WomenWillTASTEdaily autocompletes: women-will (1)Click here and join us in rewriting the search.XOoh by the wayPS: “Our bodies change our minds …and our minds change our behavior …and our behavior changes our outcomes.”– Amy Cuddy

Elegance is being informed

New music for your work flow (Diane Burch, Phantogram, and more!) #MixtapeMonday