How Will Ferrell Can Prevent The Common Cold (and 12 other tips!)

This week's wellness feature is for everyone fighting a cold right now. These tips are based on personal experience, so always check with your doctor first.

"Your body hears everything your mind says."- Naomi Judd

Before that sniffle turns into a full blown fiesta-ruining-cold, we pulled all our favorite tips and tricks to prevent or shorten a cold. And yes, Will Ferrell can help...1. Will Ferrell: In case you needed another reason to see Anchorman 2, now there's a legit health reason. Watch your favorite comedy for at least an hour to bring "balance to all components of the immune system." As Ron would say, "It's science."2. Oil of Oregano: At the first sign of sniffles, drop some oil. If you catch the cold early enough, Oil of Oregano will clear it out. You're kitchen will smell like pizza, but it will be worth it.3. Garlic: This little veggie fights bacteria like a ninja, while also boosting the immune system. Pro tip: Take a piece of whole grain bread, butter it lightly, and put raw chopped garlic on top. Toast and enjoy.4. Vitamin C: Fresh squeezed orange juice always hits the spot when you have a sore throat, and Emergen-C packets are great timesavers when you need a quick hit of 1,000 mg of Vitamin C.5. Pharmacy Picks: You can find Zicam and Cold-EEZE at your local drugstore. These cold medicines contain Zinc, a micronutrient that "increases your white blood cells and helps fight infection more effectively." (Dr. Mercola).6. Detox Salt Bath: No sauna? No problem. Have a hot bath with items from your kitchen. This potion is strong and you're sweating out toxins, so only sit for as long as you are comfortable. See MindBodyGreen's recommendation here.7. Homemade Broth: Lillian's Kitchen has a tried-and-true healing remedy. Homemade chicken broth. This is serious stuff and requires a bit of time, but it doesn't even compare to stock in a box from the store.

"If your broth is thin, then you're missing out. To get the health benefits, you want your broth to be thick and gelatinous."

Find Lillian's recipe here.8. Say Om: Meditation and thoughtful breathing help pretty much everything. If you're new to meditation, try this 15 second breathing routine.9. Skip Cocktails: Just decline happy hour for a few days. You want to build your immune system right now, not wear it down more. Seltzer with a splash of lemon anyone?10. Cut The Sugar: Choose carefully before you dive into comfort food. Excess sugar, quantified as two 12 oz sodas, may depress the immune system. Reach for savory foods instead of sweet.11. Sanitizer: Is someone (everyone) sick at your house or office? These natural lavender surface wipes are perfect for discreetly cleaning handles and doorknobs.12. Turmeric: The anti-inflammatory powers of turmeric is no secret and herbalists swear by it. This premade Turmeric drink (vanilla bean flavor!) is great when you're on the go.13. Tea, Tea, And More Tea: Best teas for a cold - ready? Yogi Organic Cold Season Sampler. This box includes all the teas you need this time of year; Throat Comfort, Breath Deep, and Echinacea Immune Support. Feel better, Buttercup! XOoh by the wayPS: We're serious about the comedy-watching-for-wellness. Here's a highlight reel of Will Ferrell's movie quotes. Watch it here.

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