The single most effective wellness hack #powerpacking

Today's health & wellness feature is inspired by author, Sandra Cisneros.

"I am obsessed with becoming a woman more comfortable in her own skin."- Sandra Cisneros

The positive ramifications of being comfortable in our own skin are limitless, and it starts with what we put into our bodies.While it's not necessarily "easy" to eat healthy all the time, there is one foolproof hack.The single most effective wellness hack is preparation. And powerpacking: prepping meals in advance so there is zero thought required when your brain is too hungry to think.Instead of being at the mercy of the take-out menu, powerpacking guarantees you a meal with the nutrients you need to feel awesome.Depending on dietary requirements this will vary, but here are some examples of our favorite powerpacking style (and favorite stainless steel bento boxes from PlanetBox):Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 10.24.28 PMPowerpacking = powerplaying. XO oh by the wayPS: Because more examples are awesome... There's a helpful #MealPrep trend on Instagram. Get some meal ideas and see what people are prepping here. Disregard rogue #MealPrep posts :-)

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