Gifts to give yourself (or your best friend) this Valentine's Day

"The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive."- Coco Chanel

We're interrupting the Friday Five to share some gifts to give yourself (or your best friend) this Valentine's Day.Why? Because you're awesome.1. Heart-shaped Cookie CuttersScreen_Shot_2014-02-06_at_9.34.23_PMGrowing up my Mom used to make heart-shaped desserts for us on Valentine's Day. It was delicious, memorable, and festive. Whip up some heart-shaped chocolate chip pancakes with your own healthy ingredients. Find the cookie cutters here.2. Champagne Gummy BearsScreen_Shot_2014-02-06_at_7.12.40_PMGummy bears spiked with champagne equals the perfectly sweet gift. Find some here.3. Mosaic Photo BookScreen_Shot_2014-02-06_at_7.15.50_PMDon't let all those photos on your phone get stuck there. For only $20, you can make a photo album that ships to you within 4 days. Download it here.4. Himalayan Salt Tequila Shot GlassScreen_Shot_2014-02-06_at_9.32.16_PMWith an appearance of rose quartz, these shot glasses are actually carved from 100% salt and give a salty note to your favorite tequila. Find it here.5. The Love NinjaScreen_Shot_2014-02-06_at_7.36.17_PMYup, you can take home your very own Love Ninja. These little teddies are handmade in Chicago. Get yours hereXOOh, by the way

PS: Have you heard the new Lana Del Rey song for Disney? It's epic, as expected. Read more here.

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