Unapologetically Fierce

Who inspires you?Some might say Mrs. Carter. Sasha Fierce. BeyoncéWe started thinking about those Sasha Fierce qualities. Enter, Louise M. Pare's power words:

"The world is remade through the power of fierce women performing outrageous acts of creative rebellion" - Louise M. Pare

Common traits among the fierce:Tunnel Vision: Issues arise, people disappoint, but in the end it's just a detail on your way to the top. Focus, focus, focus.Mobilize The Troops: Yes, self-sufficiency is critical, but it's not possible to know everything. Collaborate with people who know stuff you don't.No Comparison: Do you think Queen B concerns herself with the peanut gallery? Pfft. Unlikely.Dig In: The moment when things fall apart and most people give up defines you. Dig in and get it done.Also, remember to sit in the front row.XOoh by the wayPS: Want more Beyoncé? See her fiercest photos here.

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