Your toolkit for getting unstuck

do-what-you-can TWEET THISDo you ever get stuck? Writer's block? Draw a complete blank?A scary feeling of inadequacy starts to seep into your thoughts. Before you know it, you have full-on amnesia. You forget your professional acheivements, accolades, and personal sense of fulfillment.The struggle is real.How do you snap out of it? You start where you are. You write what is real. You do your best in the present moment.You keep a toolkit of praise and good vibes on hand (like the top-drawer file), a curated list of your favorite media (mixtapes, movies) to shake off staleness, and you have face time with your favorite people.XOOh, by the way

PS: Your desk is where your mind goes to workout. It should be stimulating, functional, and beautiful. See our favorite office essentials here

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