The Best Time Management Tip Ever

"Do you ever feel like you get bogged down in the thick of thin things?"- Stephen Covey

There's no award for "most emails answered in a day," but small and unimportant tasks quickly steal our time.Happens to the best of us.Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits on Highly Effective People has a great demonstration on prioritizing.First, let's talk rocks and pebbles."Rocks" are your biggest priorities. This might include family, new business development, fitness, meal planning, giving, and personal development."Pebbles" are the dozens of items on your to-do list that are not big priorities.If you fill a jar with the pebbles, you don't have room for the rocks - which are supposed to be your priorities.Manage the big rocks first (the pebbles fit around the big rocks, but the opposite is not true).Get started:1. Identify your big rocks.2. Establish a productive morning routine and manage your big rocks first.Watch Stephen Covey's "Timeliness" demonstration of rocks and pebbles. The video is older (not HD), but always impactful. See it here.XOoh by the wayPS: A little pumpkin spice latte goes a long way... Did you hear about the #AJO campaign? A small act of kindness has launched a national "pay it forward" movement. Pretty sweet. Follow the hashtag and read more here.

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