26 Things That Will Make You Smile

26 Things That Will Make You Smile


“Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”- Mother Teresa

Ever have one of those days when nothing is going right, but then a stranger shows you a kindness and offers you a smile?Somehow that simple gesture cuts through the noise and lifts you - even if just for a moment.Who AND what made you smile this holiday season?Click here to share with us on Facebook and include #3DWhiteSmile to enter the Smile Pack giveaway.Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 11.52.54 PM

  1. Finding the cash you left in last season's handbag.
  2. The way you totally own the room after getting a blowout.
  3. Having enough milk left for a bowl of cereal.
  4. The smell of cookies baking in the oven.
  5. A hot cup of tea with a bit of lemon and honey.
  6. The flash of a bright smile from a stranger.
  7. A handwritten note from a college friend.
  8. Listening to someone you love sing your favorite song.
  9. Discovering a helpful Foursquare tip while traveling.
  10. Unsolicited compliments.
  11. Getting a mixtape of new music. Ahem.
  12. Seeing Jennifer Grey dance with Patrick Swayze at the end of Dirty Dancing. #NobodyPutsBabyInTheCorner
  13. Beyoncé's Super Bowl performance.
  14. The theme song from Fraggle Rock.
  15. Pictures of people you love.
  16. Poems by Shel Silverstein ("I can not go to school today said Little Peggy Ann Mckay...").
  17. A really good kiss.
  18. A retweet from a famous person.
  19. Green smoothies.
  20. A clean apartment complete with your favorite fresh flowers.
  21. Witnessing a person give up their seat to a stranger on the subway.
  22. Receiving a video message from someone you love.
  23. The last scene of Grease when Olivia Newton John tells John Travolta to shape up.
  24. Your "top-drawer" email folder of praise and thank you letters from other people.
  25. Getting a hug from a toddler.
  26. Hearing someone say, "I miss you."

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