A Delicious #VictoryRitual: Jumpstart Your Day With The ViVi Shake

Radiate love. Inhale peace. Exhale gratitude.(tweet this)

This is not just a green shake, this is a #VictoryRitual.The ViVi Shake, short for Victory & Vibrance, will nourish your next win.Power-up with nutrients from leafy greens, have beautiful skin from luscious cucumbers, clear away toxins with cilantro, get your fiber and protein from ground flaxseeds, decrease inflammation (aches, pains) with turmeric, boost immunity with strawberries, and top it off with a beauty food - that will make you glow - bee pollen.viviDirections (serves 2):First, remove the stems from the kale and blend the kale, lemon, and water. Next add the cucumber, strawberries, cilantro, and turmeric. Add a few ice cubes as necessary. Pour the shake into 2 mason jars.Mix 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed into the 1st mason jar. Stir in 1 teaspoon of bee pollen and enjoy.Save the 2nd one for tomorrow. Add the ground flax and bee pollen when you’re ready to drink it.Drink your ViVi Shake in the morning on an empty stomach (skip the bee pollen if you have a bee/pollen allergy!).XOOh, by the way

PS: Busy? There’s no shame in buying your green shake once in a while! Get to know your local juice bars - do they serve fresh, organic ingredients?If you find yourself in the historical town of Chester, NJ (my hometown!), you absolutely have to try Robin's Nest. Everything in the cafe is organic and made with tons of TLC. From hearty salads and sustainable seafood to fresh pressed juices and gluten-free desserts, there's something for everyone. #Yum

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