The Frozen City Starts To Glow

tastedaily-header-13mar18 (1)Welcome to Volume 3 of the TASTEdaily Mixtape, designed to help jump start your week!If you're like me, in a Northern city or town, you know this past weekend was frigid. While it didn't seem to damper the zest of leprechauns as they frolicked from bar-to-bar, it has me psyched for spring.And the lyric in the subject headline by Regina Spektor (part of today's mix), "the frozen city starts to glow" just seemed appropriate today.Hope you enjoy the playlist, which also includes a French song Shazam-ed off a Google Chrome commercial. You never know where you'll find new music!XONDPS: We're thinking about doing a 30-day wellness (fitness/nutrition) reset. Want to stay in the loop? Sign-up for more info here.

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