The Chicest Airport Lounge This Side Of The Atlantic

Women in a non-stop whirl of board meetings, Pilates classes and fabulous events, work hard to create the life they've always wanted, and have certain expectations when they make a purchase.Let's be honest - there's a reason many of us don't mind paying more. And it all starts with customer service and priority seating.When I'm planning for anything from a brunch to a private training session, I'm buying from businesses that understand how to treat their clients.Sometimes it means a more thoughtful sales process and working with a representative who ensures all of your questions have been resolved before they move forward. And sometimes it's about convenience and timing considerations.But, you know what really seals the deal? It's the Bumble & Bumble Salon located in the Virgin Atlantic JFK Clubhouse.Yes, you heard right. Virgin built the chicest airport lounge. Ever.This past March Virgin announced its new lounge, which includes all the sultry comforts of your favorite  Manhattan club with the convenience of boarding your flight to London just steps away.There have been many times when I - in dire needs of a blowout - went searching through the airport to find an inkling of hair salon, let alone Bumble & Bumble.Any Flavormaker knows the power of a good blowout. Thanks to Virgin for bringing a new level of luxe to the flying experience.

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