The 10 Worst Situations For Your Waistline

We challenge you to stop and think about the times of day, month, or year when you're most likely to veer off the path of your sexy, and strong self, and end up participating in less than healthy eating habits.For years we've gone through the ups and downs of eating habits - through big moves, career changes, life changes, and personal losses. We know how difficult it is to stay on course with an eating style when you don't have a plan and everyday as you get further from your goal shape, it becomes easier and easier to commit carbicide.We want to help Protect Your Waistline, so we created a guide and workbook to get you through it - it's loaded with candid tips and tricks on how-to preserve your sexy bod.We've shared an excerpt from the Protect Your Waistline Program below as well as three of our ten starter solutions.After you've finished reading, start thinking about the worst situations for YOUR waistline and make a list to start holding yourself accountable.In the famous words of G.I. Joe, "Knowing is half the battle."

1. Office Meetings

It’s always tricky to balance work and life, right? When the client wants to go out for dinner or the office manager serves a box of doughnuts, what can you do?

2. Travel

You know how it is. You’re on a road trip or flying somewhere, and all that seems to be readily available are sugary drinks, potato chips, and candy bars.

3. Movie Theaters

Don’t you just love the romance of going out to see a new movie? But don’t you hate the limited menu: popcorn swimming in a sea of butter, hot dogs, nachos, giant sodas, oversized candy, and pretzels staring you down at the food counter.

4. Birthdays

Now, of course, you absolutely love your friends and family, and celebrating their birthday is a treat. What you don’t have to love are the fattening desserts at those fiestas.

5. Bar Food

Blowing off steam after a long day is a much needed respite for many of us. Throwing back a cold brew or a dirty martini is one thing, but soaking it up with mozzarella sticks, wings, nachos, and potato skins is quite another.

6. Hotels & Room Service

While it’s super convenient to order room service while traveling for work or vacation, sometimes the menu choices need to be lightened up. You anticipate being faced with fried foods, heavy sauce, butter, cream, and heavy salad dressing.

7. BBQs

These summer parties can be long-standing traditions, all-day eating marathons, and loaded with dietary challenges. The picnic table usually boasts macaroni and cheese, potato salad, and grilled foods. Grilling is usually healthy — but at BBQs the calorie count gets jacked up by sugary barbecue sauces.

8. Cocktail Parties

A lovely cocktail party might include sweet or sour alcoholic drinks, bacon-wrapped shrimp, mini crab cakes, fried wontons, and a cheese plate. Since you’re usually in your sexy black cocktail dress at one of these affairs, it doesn’t really go with over-stuffed tummy syndrome. Can you hear your Spanx screaming?

9. Business Events & Conferences

Event catering is often incredibly heavy and indulgent. Picture that tub of pasta- mayonnaise-something “salad” sitting beside a huge dish of chicken immersed in white cream and topped off with a breadbasket the size of your head. Now, imagine all that heavy, starchy food stuffed into your fabulous sheath. Not a good look.

10. Weddings

Weddings and large events bring to light the multiple course dilemma. You might be treated to a cocktail hour with alcoholic drinks and appetizers, salad with creamy dressing, a pasta entree, wedding cake, and let’s not forget the candy bar.

Starter solutions

Here are two of our ten starter solutions from the Protect Your Waistline Program.

1. Just Say No

Don’t be afraid to say no thank you. If you’re faced with something you just cannot put into your mouth, exercise your right to choose! At the end of the day, you’ll be glad you stood your ground and remember: if this was easy, everyone would have six-pack abs.

2. You Don’t Owe Anyone an Explanation

Wanting to become lean or working to stay lean is not something you have to explain to anyone. You are not high maintenance because you’d prefer to enjoy a piece of fish that did not swim in a tub of butter before it was served.You are perfectly within your rights to ask for steamed vegetables at dinner, and it’s okay not to finish all the food on your plate.

3. Indulging is OK Sometimes, But Stop Lying to Yourself

Once in a while it’s okay to indulge and enjoy special treats. Maybe your best friend just made really amazing homemade chocolate, or it’s your birthday and you’re craving peanut butter pancakes. Enjoy a few tastes of something decadent, or make the most of your annual “me day,” and then move on — waistline intact.What matters is how you eat most of the time. Do you always have beer and wings on Tuesdays, then margaritas and enchiladas with the ladies on Thursdays, and finish with a calorie fest of epic proportions every weekend? Over wings every Tuesday, do you say, “I’ll start my diet tomorrow?”If this resembles your lifestyle at all, then you need to start prioritizing.Also, ask yourself, “Does my ‘fun’ always have to revolve around food?” Of course, we love food and certainly understand the fun aspect of indulging, but at what price?

If you’re indulging on a daily basis, then it’s not really indulging anymore — it’s a lifestyle.

Pick up the full list of solutions along with tons of other helpful tips here and never look back.

Now, that you've considered your personal waistline challenges, utilize the suggestions above and start thinking of new ways to keep the uncomfortably full and puffy feeling away - you are really just too awesome and busy to deal with that.

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