If you are really thankful, what do you do? #Thanksgivukkah

Happy (Night Before) Thanksgiving! THANK YOU for being part of the TASTEdaily community (and for the great discussion in last night's book chat!). #gratefulSomewhere between the stress of travel and organizing a massive family dinner, it's easy to forget the gratitude part of Thanksgiving.Scientific data proves that expressing gratitude makes people happier.Significantly happier. So we have a few ideas...you-share-clement3 Easy Ways To (Emotionally) Hack ThanksgivingIn the spirit of Thanksgiving, express gratitude with one of these simple gestures:1. Photo Flashback: Comment on an old Facebook photo and bring back an awesome memory you shared with a friend (gratitude to Andre for inspiring this one!).2. Play My Song DJ: Create a mixtape for someone you love (use Spotify, Rdio etc.). Send a thank you note along with the mix.3. Friend Match: Introduce two of your favorite people who do not know each other. In your note (or at the party), mention how much you adore each person. You never know what could happen!Whether you're celebrating Friends-Giving or Thanksgivukkah, we hope you have a safe and healthy holiday.There will not be a TASTEdaily on Thursday or Friday this week. See you next week! XOoh by the wayPS: Did you hear about the eco-fashion preview? Click here for the sample sale.

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