These teachers have a very special message #FridayFive

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.(tweet this)

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Friday Five. From viral videos to inspiring stories – find out what’s trending below.TEACHERS CELEBRATE SUMMER - EPICALLYA little shimmy here and a shuffle there - even an old school Roger Rabbit. These teachers had an all out dance party to celebrate the end of school. Awesomely hilarious. Watch here.50 REASONS TO SUPPORT EQUALITYInformed and articulate youtuber, Laci Green explains feminism, so we can finally put all the confusion to rest. (Feminism means you believe in equality for men and women). Great video packed with powerful, fact-checked stats. Watch here.ADORABLE SUMMER SHORTSRevolve has every pattern of shorts you could ever want; chambray, floral, denim, black, and more. So cute! Get your summer shorts here.ELON MUSK & TESLA RELEASE ALL PATENTSIn a brilliant “open source” move to advance technology and innovation, Tesla Motors released their patents for electric vehicle technology. You get a Tesla, and you get a Tesla, and YOU get a Tesla! Read more here.THE BEST NEW CAT VIDEOBuzzfeed and Friskies cat food have outdone themselves with the new “Dear Kitten” video. Listen as the older (and wiser) cat gives cat life advice to the new kitten of the house. Oh, and watch out for the monster “Vac-uum.” Watch hereXOOh, by the way

PS: Did you see J.Lo on Jimmy Fallon? They did the tight pants dance. Yeah, you’ll want to watch here.

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