5 Tips For Taking Better Instagram Photos

To up your photo-game this holiday weekend, today our Friday Five is all about taking the perfect end-of-summer shots. Especially on Instagram (but these tips apply to non-Instagrammers too).instagram-tips1. First, take the original photo with your phone's camera (or photography app), edit with Camera+ or Snapseed, and then upload to Instagram. This gives you more editing capabilities, and allows you to experiment with layering multiple image filters.2. Remember the rule of thirds - use the grid option to create a more interesting composition. Make sure the focus of your photo is along the grid lines or intersections. Find the grid option within Instagram or your camera app.3. Focus on the small details; a dainty ring or brightly colored bow tie. Also, try touching the screen on the brightest part of the photo to bring out the highlights.4. In your Instagram app, get fancy with "tilt shift." This process is slightly more advanced but allows you to focus on one part of the photo and blurs out the rest. Tilt shift comes in two options; circular or linear. It's great for photos with a lot of depth like cityscapes. When you open your Instagram app, tilt shift is the water drop icon.5. Take advantage of magic hour. Magic hour is the first and last hour of sunlight during the day (right after the sun rises or right before the sun sets). This one tip will easily create a more striking photo. A "magic hour" filter can also be found on the Camera+ app.Enjoy the long weekend and we'll see you back here - same time and place - on Tuesday!Happy Labor Day!XOoh by the wayPS: If you need a mixtape for your Labor Day BBQ, check out our list of 50 fun summer songs. Listen to the mixtape here!

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