Shake your sugar cravings in less than 2 weeks

“One should eat to live, not live to eat"- Benjamin Franklin(tweet this)

After months of back-to-back travel and grueling schedules, sometimes we need a nutrition reset to feel better.If you want to shake things up and get free from a dependency on sugar - or anything really - there’s no time like the present.Benefits of a Completing a Sugar Detox:• Eliminate cravings• Boost energy and stamina• Weight loss• Mental clarityThere are dozens of sugar detox books out there. Definitely review and find the right one for you.Mark Hyman’s 10 Day Sugar Detox was our program of choice.The program is very effective. It was challenging for the first few days of detoxing, but it’s amazing when the sugar fog lifts!XOOh, by the way

PS: Speaking of the sweet stuff… Go see Katie Couric’s new documentary Fed Up. The film examines the food industry and provides critical insights and tips for consumers. Learn more and see the trailer here.

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