New Recipe: Packed Pepper Red

In support of the upcoming Meatless Monday, we have a new plant-based recipe for your Monday meal planning.Even with the best intentions, if we don't have a specific plan, we're more suspectible to sitting down to a pound of pasta.

Rule your diet. Don't let your diet rule you.

packed-pepper-red2 red peppers, cut in half sideways1/2 cup chopped mango1 chopped, roasted portobello mushroom (directions here)1/2 chopped avocado (or cheese)1 cup of cooked quinoa (we used organic red quinoa)Mix your stuffing ingredients (except the avocado) and pack into the red pepper halves. Top with some garlic powder and nutritional yeast and a touch of EVOO. Bake for 5-7 minutes. Top with avocado pieces. Serves 2.Serve with a cup of tomato soup and a side salad.Health Benefits of Quinoa (oh, there's just a few…):Quinoa is a rockstar of the plant world. It's a complete protein and contains all nine essential amino acids.Did I mention it has a ridiculous amount of protein?Other cool stuff about quinoa:* Nearly twice the fiber as other grains (quinoa is technically a seed)* Packed with magnesium* Contains iron and lysine* Rich in Riboflavin (B2)* Gluten-free and supports digestion* Chock full of manganeseOh, and by the way, one cup of cooked quinoa contains 30 milligrams of calcium.XOoh by the wayPS: Get your keen-wah on the go with the VERY tasty i heart keenwah snack packs. Chocolate Sea Salt? Yum. See all the flavors here.

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