Stash these 10 snacks in your desk

What will you do to nourish yourself today?

It's a common story... meetings and calls ran late, you forgot to grab lunch, and now you’re filling the vending machine with quarters (or preparing to devour conference room leftovers).One thing can prevent this slippery slope. The ultimate snack drawer.Stock up on these desk-friendly snacks and you'll be safe from the vending machine:10 Snacks To Keep In Your Desk1.   Pumpkin seeds (or sunflower seeds)2.   Whole food bars (Kind bars are delish!)3.   Snack size popcorn bags4.   Fruit or freeze dried fruit; apples, bananas5.   Almond butter or peanut butter6.   Pistachios7.   Small portion of your favorite sweet; dark chocolate, organic lollipop8.   Instant oatmeal9.   Peppermint tea (and some honey!)10. Grape tomatoes - yup, they are best left OUT of the fridge and make a healthy, low-cal snackBONUS Drawer:If you can snag space in the office fridge... keep a veggie drawer for yourself, and stock it with chopped cucumbers, celery sticks, carrots, and chopped peppers etc. Also, cut up some lemons to have on hand for lemon water.You'll be refreshed, while your competition is exhausted.XO Oh, by the way

PS: Good Samaritans are all around... These five acts of kindness will make your day.

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