6 Secrets To Sleeping Better And Waking Up Earlier

Quality sleep creates the energy to fuel dreams.Waking up early gives us the TIME we need to pursue our dreams.So how do we get better sleep, if we barely have time to close our eyes?

"The single biggest difference between people who get what they want and people who don't is energy."- Mira Kirshenbaum

6-secrets-sleeping1st - Sleepy Snack: According to Dr. Oz, the sleep-inducing amino acid tryptophan in chia seeds can "help you snooze." Two ounces should do the trick. Also, bananas and cherries are good sleepy snacks.2nd - Screen Fatigue: Does everything in your bedroom glow? Did you know that flashing TVs and phones suppress your melatonin production? Sleep masks go a long way, but power down as much as possible.3rd - Seven Minutes To Slumber - If you toss around for hours before falling asleep, get help from the highly recommended NightWave Sleep Assistant. It guides you through a "pre-sleep relaxation routine." It's completely non-pharmaceutical and users typically fall asleep within seven minutes.4th - Rise & Sunshine - Instead of a jarring alarm, BlueMax Sunrise System gradually gets brighter to ease you into waking up. It's especially awesome during those dark winter mornings (or windowless bedrooms - not a foreign concept in the city).5th - The Purpose - Define - very specifically - what you want to accomplish with your mornings. Write it out, put it beside your bed, and read it when your alarm goes off.6th - The Sweetener - Have something to look forward to - step out of bed into incredibly luxurious slippers and a cozy robe, watch the show you missed the night before, download new music, read your favorite morning newsletter (!), or make yourself a special breakfast - you actually have time to eat it!Sweet Dreams & Sunnier Mornings.XOoh by the wayPS: Seriously, it's all about the eye mask. Have you tried using one? The aromatherapy masks are spa-like, and it keeps your flashing phone out of sight. Try the Lavender DreamTime Sleep Mask.

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