This Simple Hawaiian Mantra Is A Powerful Tool For Shifting Your Paradigm

Do you ever get stuck on some awkward exchange, bitter argument, or painful memory? Meanwhile, do you want to be more creative, innovative, and peaceful?There’s no app for that, but there’s a really cool Hawaiian practice to check out!Last month I visited Hawaii for the first time. I’ve wanted to visit Hawaii ever since I knew what Hawaii was - paradise.Hawaii did not disappoint, but also I started learning about their culture.Steeped in Polynesian tradition and celebrated through epic hulas, Hawaiian culture values community and holistic well-being.They truly take a mind-body approach to health.That’s when I learned about this Hawaiian healing practice, “Ho’oponopono.” Pronounced Ho-oh-pono-pono.Ho’oponopono teaches that we are responsible for everything we experience.This Ho’oponopono mantra is a powerful tool for shifting your paradigm.Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 7.47.23 PMTry repeating these 4 phrases as part of your Victory Rituals this week."I'm sorry. Please forgive me.”The first set of phrases shifts your focus to positivity and brings peace.“Thank you. I love you."The second set of phrases provide relief for honoring your concern, choosing to let it go, and embracing healing. With gratitude, you move on.As you begin repeating the mantra, say it sincerely and as many times as you feel is necessary.The pay-off?Cleaning house opens you to be more creative, innovative, light-hearted, and peaceful.XOOh, by the way

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