Inspiring Women: Shalane Flanagan is Boston Strong

shalane-flanagan(CLICK TO TWEET)Shalane Flanagan is in full-on athlete warrior mode.In preparation for the Boston Marathon on April 21st, this hometown favorite has been running 120 miles a week.As a child, Shalane watched her father run the Boston Marathon nearby where the explosions happened last year. She’s adamant about changing the conversation and “bringing the joy back” to that street for herself and for Boston.Shalane’s first marathon was the 2010 New York Marathon where she came in second place. She holds the record for the best finish by an American woman in 20 years. #goShalaneIn last year’s Boston Marathon, Shalane came in fourth place.2014 is Shalane’s year. With support from her Nike sponsorship, Shalane has been 100% committed to her rigorous training program.“Runners know all about overcoming obstacles. That’s who we are. We come back strong. The eyes of the world will be watching and it’s important to show how we don’t have any fear.” - ShalaneWe'll be cheering for Shalane come April 21st.XOOh, by the way

PS: A new crowd funding campaign, No Barriers Boston Fund, has just launched to support survivors of the Boston Marathon. The fund will provide injured survivors with prosthetic limbs designed for activities, so recipients can run, bike, swim, and dance again. Pretty special. Learn more here.

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