So many selfies, so little time #NoFilter #SelfieSunday

"That moment when you realize you’ve spent 15 minutes getting ready for a selfie."#NoFilter #SelfieSunday(tweet this)

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Friday Five. From viral videos to inspiring stories – find out what’s trending below.SELFIE: COMING TO YOUR TV Loosely based on “My Fair Lady,” the new show Selfie features “instafamous” Eliza Dooley and marketing man Henry. After a lonely revelation, Eliza asks Henry to help “rebrand” her reputation. Selfie stars Karen Gillan (Doctor Who) and John Cho (Harold & Kumar). Set to air Tuesdays this fall. See the preview here.LEADERSHIP TIPS Mark Zuckerberg's 30th birthday was yesterday, and social media strategist, Ekaterina Walter wrote a great post about (his) leadership traits. Ekaterina emphasized purpose (know where you are going), passion (know who you are and what you’re about), and hiring the right people (ahem, Sheryl Sandberg). Read more here.THE $8 MILLION BLOG POST File this under “awesome things that happened this week.” So, Matthew Innman runs “Oatmeal” (online comic strip) and he loves driving his electric Tesla Model S. He’s also a huge fan of the car’s namesake and inventor Nikola Tesla (he invented the alternating current). Matthew - in true Oatmeal style - asked the Tesla car company’s founder, Elon Musk, if he would fund the $8 million Tesla Museum. This is what Elon tweeted back to him.SPRECHEN SIE DEUTSCH Do you speak German? That’s OK. Hello Giggles has an adorable listicle featuring 10 German words with no English equivalent. Caught with your hand in the cookie jar? Enter, “erklärungsnot (n.): the state of having to quickly explain yourself.” See the full list here. Genießen!BECAUSE PUPPIES And because it’s Friday (YAY!), travel the world with @Earth_Pics on Twitter. “I’m not fat, I’m just a little husky.” See the adorable pup and other rad Earth Pics hereXOOh, by the way

PS: In case you missed it… be sure to check out CEO of Likeable Media, Carrie Kerpen’s new podcast and special feature on TASTEdaily! Listen here on iTunes.

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