This Quick Experiment Will Treat You To An Epiphany

my-jobYour internal monologue is exactly that - a story you tell yourself.It's not easy to change the story, but it's possible.According to Psychology Today, caring for others allows us to earn our own self-respect.Try this cool experiment and think of your favorite person. What about that person are you most attracted to? (Think first and then keeping reading).The key quality you are imagining is likely their spirit and the way they treat you - and has nothing to do with physical appearance.Rinse & Repeat: The quality we adore most in others has nothing to do with physical appearance.Being kind to others is the gateway to self-adoration.XOOh, by the way

PS: We love Jimmy Fallon and his latest hashtag is a winner. So funny. Listen to fans tweet about #MyWorstBirthday here.

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