7 Travel Essentials For Your Next Red Eye Flight

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Sometimes taking a red eye flight is the only option, but it doesn't have to be completely uncomfortable. As you prepare for your next work trip (or spring vacation!), pack these essentials for a much cozier night.1. Eye Mask: You definitely want a soft, comfortable eye mask for your red eye. This one accessory will ensure you can actually get some shut eye. Try this one.2. Convertible Pillow/Blanket: This little pillow unfolds into the perfect size blanket. It's easy to resist packing the pillow/blanket because it takes up a bit of space, but if you need to sleep - don't leave this one at home.3. Nap Socks: Always stash a pair of socks in your carry-on. These plush socks from Brookstone will not only keep your feet warm, but the microfleece is also quick-drying.4. Snack Pack: Keep a few packets of nut butter on hand during the flight (Artisan is travel-friendly). Spread some on a banana, apple, or whole grain bread.5. (& 6) Beat Bloating: Preempt bloat with fruit & tea. Weightless Cranberry Tea and prunes (dried plums!) are great for travel. Snack on some prunes when you need something sweet (you’ll be all set by morning).7. Drink Up: When you’re planning to sleep on a flight, it’s not ideal to drink a gallon of water. So when you do have something to drink, hyrdate with legit, pure coconut water (Harmless Harvest is SO good).Arrivederci!XO Oh, by the way

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