Put This In Your Top-drawer

tastedaily-header-13mar12Anyone who has aimed for something great, gone out on a limb, or actively worked to improve their situation, knows it can very disruptive to the status quo and people attached to the status quo.Inevitably you ruffle feathers. So what?Well, sometimes this results in negative feedback and "haters." Or a deluge of emails telling you everything you did wrong. So thoughtful!This is where your top-drawer comes in. You put all the good stuff in your "top-drawer."When I was in college I collected recommendations from professors, positive feedback on projects and essays, along with poems I wrote. I kept it all in a scrapbook I titled Life is Beautiful (cheesy I know, but I loved the movie).Whenever I was bummed out, I would go back and review the scrapbook.Later I started collecting positive notes and cards in the top-drawer of my desk. So I could have easy access to the inspiration.Now I keep a folder in my email labeled "top-drawer" so I can collect all my digital keepsakes in one place.Next time you receive great feedback or a thoughtful note, put it in your top-drawer and save it for later.Be sure to pay it forward and send out top-drawer worthy notes to special people. XONDPS: The top-drawer works well in combination with #WonderWomaning. Have you been practicing?

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