Put down that chocolate bunny

tastedaily-header-wellnessWhile sitting around eating leftover Easter candy is fun, summer will be here soon, in all of its skin-baring glory.Every season the trendy new fitness craze hits - and I try them all - but keeping it simple is the best way to start. This is my #1 go-to program for getting back into a steady workout routine and gaining back confidence.Before I had my gym membership or Pilates trainer, I had the running path around Central Park and this awesome $2 app called Couch-to-5K.I still use this today whenever I need a reset without the pressure of group classes or the gym (hitting the pavement again soon!).running quoteThrough interval training, the app literally takes you from being couch potato to running 5K within 9 weeks.Even if you're not a runner, this program can help you build up to running. And really, walking quickly during the jog/run intervals is still better than polishing off that last bag of jelly beans.Have an awesome workout!


PS: If you need to refresh your workout wardrobe, pick up these black capri running pants to go along with your new training routine. Gotta love Nike, they always know how to provide that nice "lift." PPS: Always check with your health professional before starting any new workout routine - I'm not a trainer, I just know the effectiveness of this program and wanted to share!

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