New music for your power breakfast #MixtapeMonday

Tell me a piece of your historyThat you're proud to call your own- Bastille(click here to tweet)

Welcome to this week's #MixtapeMonday with 12 new tracks to get your week started.While Bastille's "Pompeii" has been wildly successful, Bastille's entire album is packed with great music and lyrics. The lyric above is from their song "The Silence."It poses the question, "What is something in your personal history that you're proud of?" The answer is a great place to root us for the week. Listen for the songs below, along with Kid CudiYunaHaimKat Dahlia, and more:

  • Shake things up with the rap version of "(All Along The) Watchtower" by Devlin and Ed Sheeran
  • Danish singer Karen Marie just released "Don't Wanna Dance." If you like Lana Del Rey, you'll like this.
  • Scottish singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt's "Noserings and Shoestrings" from her LIVE EP is a gorgeous acoustic set.

Click below to listen to this week’s mixtape for free on Spotify or buy on iTunes. Need some pointers on how-to use Spotify? Click here for directions on how to get started.Looking for more tunes? Search a variety of music in the TASTEdaily Mixtape Collection here.XO Oh, by the way

PS: If anything wacky happens today, just yell PLOT TWIST and move on. #Om

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