How To Survive The Polar Vortex With Style #WinterStyle #PolarVortex

"As a newsman, I want to salute whoever came up with the term 'polar vortex.' It is terrifying but still sounds all science-y."- Steven Colbert

Reporters were freezing eggs on the sidewalk, an escaped prisoner gave himself up to stay warm, and temperatures plunged to 4 degrees yesterday.So, we're interupting today's culture & style break to bring you a cold weather gear PSA - and the 19 most stylish polar vortex-ers on Instagram. See below for all the fashionista photos.Three Key Pieces For Your Polar Vortex Wardrobe:1. Slip on non-cotton socks. Leave the cotton at home and bring on the wool, silk, and cashmere, especially when it comes to socks. Experts say to avoid cotton socks in this weather because they just absorb sweat.2. Apply your base layer. Using lightweight, non-cotton pieces, create multiple layers to protect yourself from the elements. For example, camisole/thermal layer/sweater/fleece/waterproof jacket.3. Wear a face warmer and not just to keep your face warm. Covering your face and mouth warms the air you breath, and in turn warms your entire body. Pretty rad, right?Get this look with Burton base layers.Street Style Tips...  We asked, "What's your go-to cold weather item?""A furry vest and knee high boots." - Dawn DelRusso "Beanie, infinity scarf, and a Patagonia vest are essentials!" - Stephanie Thomas"Cashmere socks." Jess Seilheimer"Saga gloves are amazing." - Christina Petroni"Columbia Ski Jacket." - Christine Marchuska"I love wearing a huge circle scarf… and an everyday beanie is an absolute must." - Cassandra Madsen"SmartWool high-performance merino undergarments or Patagonia silkweight to expedition weight capilene." - Mariel HeartInstagramers Show Us How To Survive The Polar Vortex With Style: Stay warm & cozy!XOoh by the wayPS: Snuggle up in your winter style and watch these puppies play in the snow. See the clips here. So cute! 

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