The Lindsey Lohan, Oprah Docu-series Airs This Sunday #FridayFive

"The best of times is now."- Oprah(click to tweet)

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Friday Five. From viral videos to inspiring stories – find out what’s trending below!OPRAHlindsOprah's docu-series with Lindsey Lohan is actually airing. For a while it sounded like the whole thing was going to end before it started. But alas, the first episode airs on the OWN Network this Sunday, March 9 at 10pm EST. Watch the trailer here.anchorAbby Martin, Anchor of Russia Today went off script to comment on Russia's intervention in Ukraine's affairs. On Wednesday night, Martin spoke with Piers Morgan about editorial independence and her decision to speak-up. Watch herebarbieThe "realistic" version of your old Barbie doll is here. Lammily, named after the male founder, has proportions based on the body of a 19 year old girl and dresses casual. Sounds like a great idea, right? One request though… Can we crowdsource her name? Meet Lammily here.womens_dayGuess what tomorrow is? International Women's Day! Not sure what to do? Lend support to a woman trying to earn her degree, be aware of how many women are in your next meeting, and read the 2014 UN priorities here.mandmsBecause it's Friday… Watch the new collaboration between your favorite spokescandy and the Geico gecko. See it here.XOOh, by the way

PS: Allow five conscious minutes for cutting up your fruit... This beautiful poem reminds us to be present in the moment and BREATHE. Read here.

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