Only boring people are bored

tastedaily-header-13apr05Guess what season premiere debuts this weekend?! Yes, that's correct - it's the sixth season with Don Draper and his clan of mad men, secretaries, crazy clients, and, of course, Betty (the quote in the subject headline is from Betty).What will Peggy's new job be like? What does Don say in reply to the question, "Are you here alone?" So many questions were left to explore at the end of last season.And back in the real world, it's great to see Banana Republic's 3rd season of Mad Men Mod-style. Vertical pinstripes? Yes, please. With this, my favorite Don Draper quote, I wish you a happy Fridaydraper-nyc-madRinse and repeat.Have a great weekend and share your favorite #MadMen moments as we watch live this Sunday 9pm EST.


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