Before You Make a New Year’s Resolution, Get Your Meez In Place

“Organize, don't agonize.”- Nancy Pelosi

The idea of resolutions are great. Resolving to do something better is great.But it’s like blowing out birthday candles and making a wish. Resolutions come with no real plan of action.If you’re thinking about making some resolutions. I challenge you to set your Victory instead. (Read more here).

After you’ve picked your one area of focus for 2015, set the foundation by getting your “mise-en-place.”

Mise-en-place is a culinary term that chefs use to prepare, organize, and plan for the meal ahead. The French phrase translates to “everything in its place.” A chef would never just start cooking before taking care of mise-en-place or “the meez.”

Everyone can benefit from getting their “meez” in place.

Tackle the meez one room at time.

3 Steps To Get Your Meez In Place

1. Time your morning routine. 

Be mindful of how long you spend in certain areas of your home. Do you spend most of your time in the kitchen? The bedroom closet? Figure out where you could improve your efficiency. Give yourself a few days to test this out. The answer may surprise you.

2. Prioritize the first room. Many of us lose momentum getting dressed in the morning or searching the kitchen for a healthy breakfast or something to take to work for lunch. After you time your morning routine, pick one area to organize and then move on to the next one.

Closet: Let’s say your bedroom closet is where you linger because you’re overwhelmed by your wardrobe choices. Less is more. Toss anything that does not echo your awesomeness. Pack seasonal clothes and store them away from your everyday closet. Now, go a step further and try a capsule wardrobe. Select 20 pieces that you will wear for the next 7 days. Put those pieces in the front of your closet, separate from everything else. Only choose from those pieces. (We’ll talk more about this soon!).

Kitchen: Do you have an excess of kitchen appliances and tools? Start packing a box for donation, so someone else can benefit from your stuff. Clear out the fridge and pantry. Stock up on functional, time-saving pieces like to-go mugs, reusable water bottles, shaker bottles, bento boxes, and pyrex dishes. Pick a breakfast and lunch you can pre-make and prep for the week ahead. Consider the foods that make you feel really nourished and energized. For example, you can prep smoothie packets for breakfast and salad jars for lunch.

If you’re in the mood to reorganize your entire home, hold tight until you’ve organized the areas most important for your morning routine.

3. Schedule it. Start by committing 2 hours to this project. Block out the time on your calendar and don’t let anyone steal the time from you. Also, don’t steal the time from yourself. If you need more time, keep going or schedule more time until it’s complete.

As Anthony Bourdain explained, your space, and it's state of readiness, is an extension of your nervous system.

Getting “the meez” in place will set the foundation for any 2015 Victory you have in mind.

So excited to hear about your journey in our upcoming Victory Rituals program. Look out for an invitation soon.Cheers!XO

Oh, by the way

PS: This is such a beautiful expression of love. After the success of his iPhone app, this thoughtful guy paid off his parents' mortgage. They had a very Merry Christmas. Watch here.

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