7 Morning Mantras To Start Your Day

“In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.”- Deepak Chopra(click to tweet)

It’s amazing how a deep breath can set you free. There’s just something really powerful (and Sun Tzu) about being able to control your breathing.Some deep breaths combined with positive mantras?Now, that’s part of the perfect morning habit.Take these mantras for a test drive this morning.You can sit all yogi-like on the ground, you can lay back on the bed and say them with your eyes closed, or recite the mantras in front of the mirror.7 Morning Mantras (say each mantra 3 times):1. I will remember to breathe deeply.2. I move slowly and with intention.3. I choose to be grateful.4. I have compassion for myself.5. I feel safe and secure.6. I will do more of what makes me happy.7. Everything I’m searching for is already inside of me.Sending you stillness of mind & strength of heart.XOOh, by the way

PS: The beauty of bath time… Soak up the bubbles, sit back, and relax, while the epsom salt does all the work. Check out these serious bath time benefits here.

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