Creative Coffeehouse Music #MixtapeMonday

“Creativity takes courage."- Henri Matisse

People around the world are getting creative at their local coffeehouse.They're writing novels. Designing presentations. Building the internet. And brainstorming for their next big project.So it's only appropriate that we have a rad coffeehouse soundtrack, to light the creative fire.Enter, our newest mixtape, "A Decade of Coffeehouse" featuring Crystal Fighter's "At Home" and Lucy Schwartz's "Seven Hours," as well as poetic instrumentals from LCD Soundsystem, and many more.Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve closes out this week's mix. The crescendos inspire while the instrumentals provide the space to think. (And who could forget that last scene of Cruel Intentions #epic).Thanks to special Guest DJ, Daniel D'Alonzo, Founder of Fireside, the late night conversation for creative entrepreneurs.Click below to listen to this week’s mixtape on Spotify or download on iTunes. Need some pointers on how-to use Spotify? Click here for directions on how to get started. Looking for more music? Find everything from workout mixes to just released albums in the TASTEdaily Mixtape Collection. Search here.XOPS: Oh yes she did... Miley Cyrus kept it passionate and PG in her SNL performance of "Wrecking Ball." Awesome vocals. Watch it here.

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