4 Mixtapes That Will Rock Your Week (from productivity to getting your zen on)

“The earth has music for those who listen.”- George Santayana(click to tweet)

Welcome to this week's edition of #MixtapeMonday! We're doing things a little different today... instead of one mixtape, we have a mixtape round-up.We've mapped out your week of music from a productivity playlist to a wild card reader favorite.Select Your Mixtape Here:1. Reader Favorite: Need to ramp up for the week? Jumpstart with this mixtape. Cilck here.2. Productivity Mixtape: Need to focus and do some serious work? Listen to the productivity mix (mostly instrumentals!). Click here.3. Workout Mixtape: Need to hit the gym and get your sweat on? Just press play on this mixtape. Click here.4. Zen Mixtape: Need to mellow out and find your zen? Say Ommmm to this playlist and just. Bliss. Out. Click here.XO Oh, by the way

PS: Art is so delicious... Amanda Geisinger is an award-winning Nickelodeon illustrator and her work reminds us of Pharrell's new song "Happy." It will make you smile, laugh, and exhale. See her illustration below and more here.Screen_Shot_2014-03-09_at_11.26.18_PM

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