Middle School Epiphanies

tastedaily-header-13mar19I was in middle school, around the age of 13, when I started to understand the power of clothes and style.I realized I felt more relaxed and confident when I was wearing this one skirt and tank top - a denim skirtI'll never forget it.The moment stood out because I remembered, during those awkward teen years, how uncomfortable I felt in certain other outfits - for example, at times, I did not want to get up from behind the safety and security of my school desk.And I remember being faced with the idea, as a girl, you could either like clothes or you could be smart. As though the two are mutually exclusive.As a woman, I've experienced the professional implications of style. And how much easier that big presentation becomes when you feel confident in your clothes.Investing in your closet doesn't cost IQ points, and it literally pays to have 2-3 confidence-boosting outfits always on-hand.Stay tuned for tomorrow's style inspiration!XONDPS: Thanks to all who signed up for the wellness reset! In case you missed it yesterday, sign-up here. More info to come!

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