A Holistically Hot Thanksgiving With @MarissaVicario

"I believe in empowering women to find their passion, kick off their stilettos and break in their stove tops."- Marissa Vicario ‏

Enjoy a healthy Thanksgiving with these tips from author and wellness expert, Marissa Vicario. holistically-hot1. Eat normally (don't cut your calories!) before your holiday dinner. Fill up on protein-rich snacks like raw nuts, hummus (with veggies), or nut butter on sprouted grain bread. It may seem counterintuitive but you’ll eat less.2. Balance that blood sugar: Be mindful of foods that throw your blood sugar out of whack - like white flour and sugar. Fuel yourself with whole grains and fresh vegetables throughout the day. Also, don’t forget a healthy, hearty breakfast. Some good choices include whole grain porridge, a smoothie, or an organic omelette with fresh vegetables.3. Plan ahead. With so many delicious desserts around this time of year, it might feel impossible not to overindulge. Don't give up! Bring your own healthy, homemade creation to the party.4. BYO Thanksgiving Dish: Try this elegant and healthy roasted root veggie dish. It's easy to make, so you won't spend hours in the kitchen! Find the recipe here.Lastly, breathe. The never-fail solution in any stressful situation. Take deep breaths in and slowly let the out.Be sure to check out Marissa's free guide How To Be Holistically Hot. Don't you just love the title?  XOoh by the wayPS: Is your office all open seating or newsroom-style? Now you can retreat into a little Hush pod for a moment of privacy. How cool is this?

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