Malala And The Movement

"I need to be fully empowered… and to make myself powerful, I only need one thing, that is education."- Malala Yousafzai

When Malala Yousafzai appeared on The Daily Show last week, she left Jon Stewart speechless (watch the video here).The 16 year old education activist recounted her experience trying to attend school in Pakistan and surviving an assassination attempt.Even after Malala suffered a bullet to her head, she continues to speak for those without a voice.While it's critical for everyone to receive an education, the data shows that Educating Girls Benefits Everyone.* According to The World Bank, when a country improves education for girls, its overall per capita income increases.* Educating girls is linked to reduced infant mortality, decreased HIV infection rates, and increased crop production.* An educated girl is more than twice as likely to send her kids to school, which helps pull her family out of poverty.Presently, Malala continues her studies in the UK, urging classmates to recognize the value of their education.To learn more about supporting the movement, visit by the wayPS: The secret tribe that always has your back... See what you have in common with Oprah and Maya Angelou here.

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