TASTEdaily, As Told By Four Awesome Readers

We sat down with four readers to hear what they had to say about TASTEdaily, and we're excited to debut this hot-off-the-press video with you!Thanks to Savannah, Rebecca, Andrea, and Isioma!5 Reasons Why You Should Share TASTEdaily With A Friend (as told by four awesome readers!):1. "Equal parts fashion, fun, empowerment, and advice."-Savannah Peterson2. "It's like getting an email from a friend with helpful tips."-Rebecca Shaw3. "I'm looking to be inspired and inspire others. That's why TASTEdaily is so close to my heart."-Andrea Cook 4. "It's basically free therapy - because it's healing you!"-Isioma Ononye5. And lastly, because we want to help you connect with other *bold* women.-NDOne more thing...

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.– Eleanor Roosevelt.

 oh by the way PS: Ok, two more things :-) We just had our NYC Summer Launch Event and it was amazing (many thanks!). Next stop? San Diego, we're coming to visit! If you'll be in San Diego in August, please let us know here!

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