Changing The (Women's Health) Ratio: Exclusive Interview with Kathryn Moos

Women with TASTE: C-Suite Series puts a spotlight on innovators, culture creators, and bold women you need to know.catherine-quote(click here to tweet)According to Dr. Oz, "Up to 90% of the population is not getting the vitamins they need through a healthy diet alone."Nutrition is often a causality of work/life balance.It can feel impossible.Kathryn Moos, CEO of VROU Water for Women is on a mission to change the (health) ratio.Kathryn Moos is an innovator. She's a woman of action.In our Women with TASTE: C-Suite Series interview, Kathryn describes the challenges of start-up life and her strategic vision for the future.If you have the chance to meet Kathryn, you'll notice she has a genuine kindness about her. A kindness that is only matched by her sharp business acumen.All of which is evident from the first moment you speak with her.Originally from Minnesota, Kathryn studied Community Health & Sociology at Brown University and later went on to play professional soccer in Europe.As a two-sport D1 athlete, this Ivy League graduate had access to the best nutrition, but she quickly realized it was not available to the general public.

From finance to founder

After Kathryn hung up her cleats, she went to work in finance - an experience that ultimately led to VROU.Kathryn would soon leave her finance job and spend the next two years developing a nutrient-packed drink for women.

Nutrients women need, found in VROU

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 12.31.09 PMIn collaboration with nutritionists and doctors, the perfect recipe was created. One serving includes many essential vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes, and calcium.These days VROU has a place on the shelf at Whole Foods, but Kathryn shared some inside tips from the start-up trenches...

Share one of the most challenging aspects of launching VROU.

"Today, we're still excited and humbled when we get inquiries from people all across the country wanting us to sponsor events or be carried in stores, but we have to think about it from a bigger picture.""We are a start-up and need to dedicate our time, resources, and (limited) capital to moving the business forward in the most efficient and effective way possible."

How did you get the confidence to manage this?

"Believing in my company, our products, and vision for the future.""Being dedicated to make this a reality, I need to have a sound growth strategy and put steps in place to effectively scale the business to a level that will allow me to say yes."

How do you prioritize nutrition and fitness with a hectic schedule?

"As an athlete, fitness and nutrition weren’t a priority; they were a necessity. It has been engrained in me.""One of the most important factors of building a successful company is being authentic in your approach. It’s hard to believe in a health company whose founder doesn’t make room for health in their personal lives.""I wouldn’t visit a doctor who smokes; so why would someone buy health and wellness products from someone who doesn’t make healthy choices themselves?"

What does it mean to be part of the VROU Tribe?

"VROU tribe members are part of a community that supports your efforts to live the best version of yourself. I truly believe that powerful things happen when women come together and join forces.""Whether it’s a group of old friends catching up, a women’s networking event, or a fitness class—the sense of belonging and the empowering conversations that develop have a huge impact on the way we live our lives.""The VROU Tribe is a place that fosters this setting. Additional perks that come with being a VROU Tribe member is first access to VROU events, fitness gatherings, health tips, an inside look at women making a difference in todays world, and more! Sign-up here."

Flash forward 5 years, what does VROU look like?

"I hope VROU is looked at as the premier women’s health brand transforming and simplifying the way women get nutrients. My goal is to have VROU products available nationwide, and accessible to all women."

Bonus Round with Kathryn:

  1. Describe a 13 year old Kathryn Moos.Active. Determine. Stubborn.
  2. Last book you read?Lean In
  3. Favorite Hashtag?#tbt (Throwback Thursday!)
  4. Favorite Restaurant in New York?Westville
  5. Surprising habit?I love apples and tend to eat multiple every day.
  6. Favorite sound?The sound of a hockey stride. And when someone drops an empty bottle of VROU! 

Cheers to Kathryn and nationwide adoption of nutritious water for women!  Oh, by the way

PS: Taste VROU today (Cucumber Lime is so refreshing!). Find all the flavors here.

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