This is the most important message you can send someone today

she-said-karen-van-bergen(CLICK TO TWEET)As we prepare for Arianna Huffington’s upcoming Thrive: The Third Metric Live Event, I wanted to explore a post from the Thrive Series penned by international marketer and CEO of Porter NovelliKaren van Bergen.I absolutely adore and admire Karen, as a business person, mentor, and friend. She deeply understands and values relationship building.In Karen’s Thrive post, she expertly cites the key to sustaining true relationships in our tech-savvy world:1. Connecting face-to-face is in our nature and supports trust-building:“We are truly compelled, in a primal way, to engage with each other.”2. Small moments lead to big impact. Don’t dismiss that cab ride:“The moments I've spent in the actual presence of clients and colleagues -whether in a brainstorm, a lunch meeting, or simply sharing a cab to the airport - have been the most valuable in strengthening relationships.”3. Take Karen’s challenge today:“If you really want to experience technology's power to transform your life, send somebody this simple message: Where should we meet?Read Karen's full post here.XOOh, by the way

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