10 Small Ways To Lock In Your New Year's Resolutions

"Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect."-Alan Cohen

Wouldn't it be great if Westley from Princess Bride could just grant us our New Year's Resolutions?!Every year around this time you see a stream of grandiose declarations for the new year. We begin with the best intentions and then run out of steam by February 1st.Start small. Small movements equal big impact.1. You dream of running a marathon… lace-up a new pair of running shoes and walk out the front door. Run your first 5k or 10k etc.2. You want to overhaul your diet or lose weight… meet with a nutritionist or research healthy foods to try. Learn to make one new recipe you love.3. You want to drink less… make an early date with your trainer or workout buddy and tell the crew you have an early morning.4. You want to re-organize your entire home… first go for a quick win and organize a small/easy area and then tackle the most daunting space.5. You want to speak French fluently… sign-up or download a french class and listen to the first module. Find someone to practice with each week.6. You want to quit smoking… set a quit date and ask for help. Talk to an expert at Smokefree.gov.7. You want to have better work-life balance… stop outsourcing things you LIKE doing and schedule something fun (and completely non-goal related) into your calendar. In related news, Downton Abbey is back.8. You want to give back to your community (or save those animals in the Sarah Mclachlan commercial)… volunteer to show your parents how to watch Orange Is The New Black on Apple TV (just kidding!). Adopt a pet, donate to the local food pantry, or support an online fundraiser like charity: water.9. You want to save money… housing, transportation, and food are some of the biggest expenses. Share an apartment, ride to work, cell phone plan, wifi, or eat more veggies (cheaper than meat!).10. You want to read all the books on the New York Times Best Seller list… pick one and download it right now. XO oh by the wayPS (Last chance to enter!): We're giving one lucky reader a brand new Oral-B Black 7000 Electric POWER brush!Tell us who AND what made you smile this holiday season. :-)Click here to share with us on Facebook and include #3DWhiteSmile to enter the Smile Pack giveaway.

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