Honey, Let's Go Glamping!

First, let's pretend this blog post headline is not an open letter to my boyfriend (or yours!). And let's just think about this...Don't you hate when you're roasting marshmallows by the campfire and you notice that your butler forgot to provide pure organic dark chocolate for your s'mores?Now, you might be thinking - butler?Why yes!Because glamping is the "glamorous" way to go camping.You might remember, a few years ago people started mentioning this concept - taking the elements that people enjoy about camping and just making it a bit more luxurious.Sounds awesome, right? Well, get your designer backpack ready because glamping is making another appearance.But first, here's some cool background info on the sexy side of camping, according to wiseGeek:

"The idea of glamping appears to have been inspired by the experiences of young, rich entertainers and models at outdoor events such as open air rock concerts. Many wealthy concertgoers wondered aloud if it might be possible to avoid the trappings of a hot tent on a muddy field just to enjoy a show or the wonders of nature."

Anyone else wondering if these conversations happened at Coachella? Yeah, me too.And so, glamping was born! Basically, there were many people - like you and me - who wanted to see camping get a makeover.There are a few different ways you can go glamping:

At the Hyatt, they offer you a room with a terrace and a fully equipped camping pack to participate in the fun parts of camping, while being only a few steps away from your king size Hyatt bed. Love it!And don't forget all the fabulous glamping opportunities over seas. The glamping at Teapot Lane in Ireland is supposed to be first classBy the way, have you seen the Bubble Tree Hotel? I'll let you think about this one.So. What are you waiting for? It's the perfect way to get outdoors for some quality hiking and adventures, while enjoying a more comfortable spin on a classic pastime.Honey, let's go glamping!Lead image source: Shutterstock.com woman climbing

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