Try this cool hand exercise to demonstrate change

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So many resolutions, so little time, right?Around this time of the month, it's easy to lose momentum (especially if you're stuck in a snowball!).There's a cool exercise you can do - just to remind yourself that change is supposed to be a little uncomfortable. But it's not bad thing...Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 7.52.07 PMFull text directions:1. Face your hands together and interlock your fingers, folding the fingers of both hands together.2. Now take note of where your fingers are and interlock them the opposite way, with the opposite index finger on top.It feels weird, right? Uncomfortable? Not normal?You can do this same exercise by folding your arms too.Most of us have one way we normally do this, so the other way feels weird.Because the other way is new. It is change. But it's important to notice that the new way is not wrong. It's just new.Learn to live with the weirdness that comes with your new ways of doing things.Force yourself not to resist it. Embrace it.We usually default to resist change, because it challenges the status quo and makes us feel uncomfortable.If you are never uncomfortable, then you are never doing anything new and never improving. XO Oh, by the way

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