The ultimate smoothie hack #MealPrep

"The true beauty of a woman is in her health and energy."- Anonymous

The holidays are quickly approaching and we need all the energy and immunity boosters we can find.Morning smoothies are an awesome way to pack in nutrients for the day, but it can be a pain to wrangle the veggies and blender.Enter...ultimate-smoothie-hack Using these few kitchen items and tricks, you can grab and go much faster:

  1. Simplify ingredients: Using pre-measured freeze-dried greens (like Green Vibrance), superfood powders (maca, cacao), and spices (cinnamon, vanilla) you can save a ton of time.
  2. Mini Containers: Spoon your powders into 5 oz. stainless steel pods, to create your grab & go smoothie mix. Ditch the plastic bags and use small eco-friendly containers for a variety of needs. These pods are great!
  3. Single Serve Blender: Save time and avoid leaving a messy blender in the sink with a single serve blender cup (like this Oster one - it holds 20 ounces!). 
  4. Blend It Up: Pour your smoothie mix into the blender. Add liquids and ice. Drink it up.
  5. Reuse: Rinse and wash your single serve blender cup at work. Refill with water for your daily H20 intake.
  6. Meal Prep: Make enough for the week and store your remaining pods in the fridge to keep your mix fresh.

Stay classy, smoothie hackers.oh by the wayXO PS: In case you're poppin' bottles... It is, afterall, champagne Thursday! Pair these bubbles with your pumpkin pie and fall festivities. There's always a reason to celebrate.

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