How-to Make A Difference People Love

“When we see ourselves as a box on somebody’s org chart, we’re miscalculating our own potential.” - David Sturt(click to tweet)

Doing great work makes you happy, improves your relationships, and helps your career in big ways.It's so easy to get bogged down in action items and to-do lists (busted: I'm a dedicated list maker), but doing great work starts with one simple perspective.It's a self-fulling prophecy…Great difference makers see themselves as people with a difference to make, rather than workers with an assignment to crank out.David Sturt's research into award-winning work uncovered the following insights, with a focus on the work and conditions (not personality traits).Key Takeaways From Great Work: Make A Difference People Love:1. Know that "great" starts from the foundation of good.2. Ask the right, thoughtful questions and seek multiple perspectives.3. Having conversations with your outer circle leads to new ideas.4. Deliver results with a growth mindset. Great workers are more concerned with positive engagement after delivery - not just the moment of delivery.XO Oh, by the way

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