Gingham Style!

From 90s supermodel Linda Evangelista to modern day Sarah Jessica Parker, gingham has a classic look - part nostalgia, part Pollyanna.According to fashion designer Karen Mulligan, gingham is this season's "new stripe." But lest not forget the Prada runway - gingham dresses, coats, and general "Hitchcockian" style.Our gingham collection below ranges from tops and dresses to shorts and even shoes (how cute are those Keds?!).  See all designer links below!

"Every once in a while, a girl has to indulge herself."-Sarah Jessica Parker

Subtle or bold, gingham adds a sweet texture to your everyday look.XOoh by the wayPS: Need some Lisa Loeb to go with your gingham? Listen to our Livin' In The 90s Mixtape!

TASTEdaily Gingham Style

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